Installation of DYWIDAG Hoop Tendons with 14,000 SD Anchorages: The new Cement Plant in Beni Suef

El-Areesh Cement Co commissioned a new cement plant in Beni Suef south of Cairo, Egypt, 6 cement lines with a capacity of 6,000t each per day were built that cover the complete process from raw materials crushing to cement product packing.

Each of the production lines includes 2 cement silos, 2 clinker silos and 1 raw meal silo. The contractors SIAC Construction and Hassan Allam Holding built 2 production lines each, whereas GAMA and RME built one production line each.

All of the 30 silos were built using the slipform construction technique with up to 3m of construction progress per day. In peak periods, more than 10,000 workers were on site, and each of the construction companies had its own mixing plant due to the fact that approx. 70,000m³ of concrete were needed per production line.

The tanks were horizontally tensioned using DYWIDAG Hoop Tendons with a total tonnage of 2,400t of strand. For the DYWIDAG Tendons, DYWIDAG-Systems International supplied a total of 14,000 Type 7 x 15,3 mm SD Anchorages. MISR DYWIDAG, the partner company of DYWIDAG-Systems International, supplied and installed a total of 360,000 plastic sheaths for the tendons and was on site with 10 building site supervisors and 180 technicians and workers.


Equipment Bureau for the Ministry of Defense of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Egypt

General Contractor

Sinoma CDI (Chengdu Design & Research Institute of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd.), China


SIAC Construction, RME, Hassan Allam Holding and GAMA, all of them Egypt




DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, HQ Operations, and MISR DYWIDAG, Egypt


Supply, installation


DYWIDAG Hoop Tendons with 14,000 SD Anchorages

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