DYWIDAG-Systems International supplies Tendons for Scandinavia’s largest Sugar Silo in Oertofta

The Nordic Sugar Company’s Oertofta sugar factory in southern Sweden is one of the largest sugar processing factories in Europe producing molasses and animal feed in addition to sugar.

Recently, the existing facility was expanded by adding a new sugar silo. The new 48m Ø silo with a total height of 67m has a capacity of 80,000t, making it the largest sugar silo in Scandinavia.

The silo is founded on approx. 260 piles, and the walls of the silo were built using the slipform construction technique. An approx. 90m long steel bridge connects the production building with the silo roof.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Germany was asked to carry out the stressing work. SUSPA-Systems bonded Post-Tensioning Tendons and multiplane anchorages according to approval ETA-13/0839 were used for this project. This included 99 Type MA 6-15 Tendons, 24 Type MA 6-12 Tendons and 26 Type MA 6-9 Tendons with 176t of prestressing steel.

Since DYWIDAG-Systems International’s approved post-tension solution did not require helix confinement reinforcing, the formwork and reinforcement could be installed quickly. The anchorage zone only required stirrups, which made one layer of reinforcement redundant. This way, the complete reinforcement could be installed easily and quickly, and concreting was simplified.

This simple form of reinforcement is in accordance with the European technical approvals ETA-13/0839 and ETA-13/0815 that the systems of DYWIDAG-Systems International comply with. The entire PT work (tendon installation, stressing, grouting) was carried out in only 8 weeks.


Nordic Sugar A/S, Sweden

General Contractor

Heitkamp Ingenieur- und Kraftwerksbau GmbH, Germany


Ingenieurbüro für Tragwerksplanung Dipl.-Ing. Armin Dienstknecht, Germany


DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, BU Post-Tensioning, Germany


Production, supply, installation, supervision, rental of equipment


99 Typ MA 6-15 Tendons, 24 Type MA 6-12 Tendons and 26 Type MA 6-9 Tendons

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