GEWI®Plus Piles secure Suspension Cables of a 403m long Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in Reutte

fSince the end of 2014, the town of Reutte in Tyrol has a new attraction: Highline 179. The structure is a 403m long pedestrian suspension bridge that crosses the B 179 Fernpass Road. This structure is expected to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest pedestrian rope bridge.

The suspension bridge was erected at a height of nearly 1,100m and leads across the fortification of Ehrenberg, linking the ruins of Castle Ehrenberg and Fort Claudia at a clear height of 110m. The overhead walkway sags by 17m, with the slack span being able to expand by approx. 1m subject to load and temperature. The 1.2m wide steel grid footpath is supported by cross-beams that are fastened to the suspension cables via vertical hangers.

Ground anchors or tensile piles are a very economical tieback solution in this case because the tensile loads emanating from the bridge cables can be directly transferred into the load-bearing soil. During the construction of the suspension bridge, four 60mm Ø support cables were tied back at each side of the bridge using GEWI®Plus tensile piles that reach into the load-bearing rock up to a depth of 17m. DSI Austria produced and supplied the following products for this purpose:

  • 8 double corrosion protected Type 75 TR GEWI®Plus Tensile Piles in lengths of 20-26,5m and
  • 4 double corrosion protected 57.5mm Ø GEWI®Plus Tensile Piles in lengths of 9.2m-10.7m.

As the GEWI®Plus Piles are skin friction piles, they can transfer compression, tensile and alternating loads. During construction work, load tests were carried out on site that proved the optimum transfer of loads via the anchoring elements. DSI is proud to have contributed to this new attraction that is visible from afar.

General Contractor


Consulting Engineers

Dipl.Ing. Paul Nessler (statics), Dipl.Ing. Markus Götsch (geotechnics), both of them Austria

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH, Austria

DSI Scope

Production, supply, technical support

DYWIDAG Products

8 Type 75 TR GEWI®Plus Tensile Piles, 4 57,5mm Ø GEWI®Plus Tensile Piles, both of them double corrosion protected

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