DSI UK: The Full-Range Supplier for Slope Stabilization

For many years, DYWIDAG-Systems International Ltd., Great Britain has specialized in the stabilization of slopes and cuts, offering a comprehensive product range of high quality DYWIDAG Soil Nails and Rock Bolts.

Two years ago, DSI expanded its slope stabilization product portfolio with two new mesh products: Deltax and Greenax Mesh. Both are CE certified and hold a European Technical Approval (ETA). Since then, DSI UK has established itself as a full-range supplier for permanent slope stabilization solutions on the British and Irish markets.

Deltax Mesh is mainly used as slope protection mesh in combination with soil nails or as drape mesh with rock bolts. The mesh consists of a high strength chain link with a strength of 1770 N/mm2 and features an Ultracoat protection coating that is considerably more durable and robust than galvanized or PVC coatings.

The Ultracoat protection consists of zinc with aluminum plus an additional corrosion inhibitor that is applied to the wire prior to drawing. Afterwards, the coating is further consolidated on the wire by re-drawing, offering additional abrasion resistance and increased corrosion protection. Consequently, lifespans of up to 60 years can be reached if the product is used in mildly aggressive inland locations in accordance with EN ISO 12944-2 and EN 12500.

The chainlink construction allows the mesh to follow the contours of the slope or rock face and offers rapid installation without springing or roll-back. The superior stiffness of 6% in comparison to 12% for conventional mesh ensures greater restraint for soil nailed slopes resulting in less displacement and an effective restraint for loose rocks during rockfall prevention even on steep slopes.

Thanks to the increased mesh aperture, high strength Deltax Mesh has a low visual impact. During soil nailing for slope stabilization, the mesh aperture also permits the use of standard drill bits (Ø 76 and 100mm). Soil nails can be drilled through the mesh without the need to cut any wires.

Deltax Mesh is supplied in roll widths of 3.5m or 3.9m. Weighing 68 and 76kg respectively, the light weight rolls ensure a quick and easy installation on slope faces.

For drape mesh applications, the mesh is easily attached to top border ropes by using rope clips and then rolled down the rock face. The large roll widths ensure a cover rate of the rock face that is twice as fast as conventional systems, minimizing waste and seams. If one wire is cut, the unravelling effect is limited to a width of two chain links due to the stiffness of the bend at each link. Also, in contrast to conventional mesh, unravelling remains localized around a circle.

Greenax Mesh, which is also offered by DSI UK, is a slope protection facing comprising of Deltax mesh with an integrated monofilament erosion mat. In contrast to comparable erosion mats, the olive green Greenax mat blends with the environment.

Deltax and Greenax Mesh have been successfully used for stabilizing slopes and cuts on many road and railway projects throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Additional areas of use are large slope faces in quarries as well as the stabilization of a crater in a cave in north western Scotland.

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