Use of contec Systems for the Construction of KfH Kidney Center in Leipzig

Ever since it was established in 1969, the non-profit organization, KfH, has been committed to assuring better medical care for patients suffering from chronic kidney disorders in Germany. One of the more than 200 kidney centers run by KfH in Germany is located in Leipzig.

Construction at the new kidney center began in 2008. The building’s basement and the connecting passage to the neighboring building were designed and built as a white tank structure. DSI Porta Westfalica supervised the project from the planning stage to its completion and provided the detailed joint plan for the floor slab.

To build the construction joint structure, DSI Porta Westfalica supplied a total of 270m of metal waterstops with active coating. In addition, 103m of recostal forming units, which were partially key profiled according to DIN 1045-1, were used for the working joints floor/floor and wall/wall. In cooperation with the site manager, a special detail was developed using recostal DFI elements for the connection of the expansion joints at the transition to the connecting passage. DSI also supplied bentonite coated contaflexactiv crack inducers and waterproof recostal RSH aktiv starter packs. The expanding seal Waterstop RX 101 with fixing grid was used for waterproofing the joint wall/ceiling.


The new building will ensure excellent medical care for patients with kidney disorders in the Leipzig area.


KfH Kuratorium, Leipzig, Germany


Dreßler Bauunternehmen, Aschaffenburg, Germany


IGM Tragwerksplanung GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany

DSI Unit

DSI Porta Westfalica, Germany

DSI Scope

Supply of 270m of metal waterstops with active coating, 103m of recostal® shuttering units, 33m of contaflex activ crack inducers as well as of recostal® DFI and recostal® RSH aktiv; designing of the formwork plan; on site supervision of construction work

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