Efficiency with Technique Béton: Customized Products for Modern Condominium

Special Concrete Admixtures for New Housing Estate in Rueil Malmaison, France

Parisian suburbs are still very attractive to commuters. A great number of companies offer turnkey housing estates in these areas in order to keep up with the growing demand. This is why Bateg is constructing a new condominium in Rueil Malmaison near Paris for Kaufman & Broad.


As a well-known supplier of new high quality real estate in the French market, Kaufman & Broad attaches great importance to first class quality. Therefore, Bateg asked Technique Béton to supply the special concrete additive superplasticizer Addifor 2001. This additive is characterized by its flexible adaptability: for achieving the required concrete compositions, it can either be added to the mixing water or afterwards. The high performance concrete superplasticizer ameliorates the concrete consistency, thus facilitating on site construction works. Simultaneously, the additive increases the mechanical stability of the concrete employed.

Another important product used in Rueil Malmaison is the setting accelerator Techniprise 25. This product is added at the beginning of the mixing procedure and is environmentally friendly because it is chlorine-free. Thanks to its special composition, Techniprise 25 is suitable for use in cold weather.

As a specialized supplier for Concrete Accessories, Technique Béton also delivered Laroche magnet profiles. They allow a perfect positioning of spacings because of their magnetical characteristics and are therefore used in a wide range of construction projects. Magnet profiles by Technique Béton can be delivered in different shapes and sizes and are therefore very flexible in their use.


Kaufman & Broad, Neuilly sur Seine, France

General Contractor

Bateg, Velizy Villacoublay, France


DSI Unit

Technique Béton, Moissy Cramayel, France

Technique Béton Scope

Supply of superplasticizer Addifor® 2001, setting accelerator Techniprise® 25 and Laroche® magnet profiles

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