Hollow Bars stabilize motorway construction near Porth, South Wales

Use of soil nails to stabilize slopes in the UK

Newly exposed steep side slopes were on the verge of sliding down during construction of a new highway bypass at Porth in South Wales. Therefore, this problem required urgent action by all persons involved.

Due to their easy and quick installation facilitated by simultaneous installation and grouting, the self-drilling DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars supplied by DSI UK were the ideal solution to stabilize the slope section concerned. The quick installation of 746 galvanized DYWI® Drill Hollow Bars types R25N, R32N and R32S, which were up to 7 metres long, prevented the slopes from collapsing.


Highways Agency, Great Britain

General Contractor

Costain, Great Britain


Arup, Great Britain

Installation Subcontractor

Systems Geotechnique Ltd., Great Britain

DSI Unit

DSI UK, Southam, Warwickshire, Great Britain

DSI Scope

Supply of 746 pcs galvanized DYWI® Drill Soil Nails type R25N, R32N and R32S in lengths varying from 4 to 7 m. 

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