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DYWIDAG-Systems International Ltd is part of the international DSI Group.

DSI´s scope of business is the development and application of post-tensioning, geotechnical and stay cable systems for the construction and mining industries.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Limited (DSI) in Southam, Warwickshire was originally founded in the UK in 1968 and is a leading geotechnical supplier to the civil engineering market.


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DYWIDAG Systems International (DSI) has signed agreements to acquire Jennmar businesses outside the US and sell its US Mining business to Jennmar

Luxembourg, February 2nd 2016 - Jennmar and DSI have signed an agreement under which DSI will acquire Jennmar businesses in Australia, Europe, Latin America and China (50% share). Jennmar China, along with well-established jointly owned businesses in South Africa and Australia, will operate under the ROCBOLT Technologies brand.


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We have had a partnership with Protendidos DYWIDAG for 30 years. We specialize in slope contention, and we know that the quality of the product is...

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